Best Professions to Make A Fortune In Near Future


With the help of the advanced technology and artificial intelligence, many former jobs vanishes at the same time new business opportunities exist. To make a fortune in near future you should pay attention upcoming article.

What will the drivers do if driverless vehicles become widespread? Who will manage the robots that bring convenience to our lives?

The technology proceeds undoubtedly, in many fields, machines took the places of humans. The business wprld, headed to different directions to fulfill their needs. Here are the jobs that will mark the near future.

1-Driverless Vehicle Engineering

The driverless vehicles existed recently, however in very near future it is supposed that they wil become more common. Many automotive manufacturers have slumped their sleeves to produce driverless vehicles.  This new development has revealed the need for expert engineers in driverless vehicles.

According to the experts, to produce driverless vehicles, companies need, computer, mechanical, electronic and mechatronics engineers and industrial designers. Experts claimed that, those who will work in driverless vehicle sector will make more money than other colleagues.

2-Artificial Intelligence Experts

Undoubtedly, the most trending topic in the software World is the “artificial intelligence”. Additionally, the software companies spend money on the artificial intelligance like water. This high interest in artificial intelligence means that all technology companies will compete to employ engineers and expert in this area.

What is the artificial intellgence?

Artificial intelligence aims to achieve that, computer programmes and even robots manage to perform different tasks that requires human intelligence on their own, such as, decision making, visual perception, virtual assistants, big data and machine learning.

3-Geriatrics and Gerontology Experts

Gerontology simply means the science of old age. Average lifetime for humanbeings is growing everyyear. While the average human life was approximately 48 years In 1950’s, this number has reached 68 in 2010. In near future, it is expected that, more than half of the population of developed countries can reach 100 years of life time. The Gerontology is emerging at this point to meet the needs of the growing elderly population.

4-Angel Investing and Startups

In recent years, startups have become locomotives of the country’s economies. With the existence of very small enterprices, the angel investing that provides them Money existed as a new profession. Angel investors could gain Money if the startup increases their value. According to recent searches, only 10% of angel investors could gain profits from their investments. 

5-Supply Chain Managers

To find what we need on grocery shops and big markets, we should thank to supply chain managers. In recent days it is impossible to choose between products. And the supply chain managers ensure that products arrive quickly, easily and on time to the markets.

6-Actuary Experts

The actuary is briefly concerned with things that affect people’s lives, such as birth, death, disability, illness and retirement, and people’s properties such as fire, flood, accident, earthquake, theft and its financial effects. These experts use the data and statistics prepared by financers.

Actuaries estimate the likelihood of such events to occur and analizes the risks, and take measures to mitigate the financial impact of these risks.


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