Blockchain Vs. Sharing Ecomony : Just A Short Discussion


What the future holds

Changing is always heaviest word on Earth. Orientation on the other hand, appear as the reaction of changing. No matter what, changing always comes and orientation must follow it.  Just like rivers finding their ways, we as humans create challenges to ourselves and find our ways to create better and better each time.

Blockchain vs shared economy

Today’s World really obsess with the historical turnpoints. Plague epidemics, invention of steam power, industrial revolution, world wars and finally invention of internet! Some of them were changing, some of them orientating or innovations but we come this far eventually.  As we mentioned above, we like the turnpoints, so todays problems guides us to create new turnpoints. Some of us believe that Industry 4.0 is the new turnpoint, some of us think its Sharing Economy, some of us says it’s Blockchain. What if it’s all true! We believe that just like all other turnpoints those are also connected.

Is Blockchain an example of Sharing Economy

Before explaining the relationships we want to explain them each. Sharing Economy is kind of technical term that defines kind of non-ownership forms of consumption. In Sharing Economy, participants use the goods or services from other participants. For example one can share its ride to some place with other participant in exchange for money. It was revolutionary because it increase the efficiency of overall consumption.

On the other hand Blockchain is new technology that every single miners can race to transfer one’s money to other for financial reward. As a result, millions of computers compete and noted all the transactions. So it’s kind of supersafe and superfast way to transferring money. All together, we make us faster and efficient because of the eliminating the intermediaries.

what is blockchain simple and short explaination

In broader sense, Sharing Economy can be an umbrella title. However the problem of sharing economy is trust issues. On the other hand blockchain technology also answers the trust issues because it’s completely safe. Anonymous transaction may be problem for government in term of trust but it’s all safe for the users.

Industry 4.0 also create connection between all supply chain elements. It’s also chase for efficiency and security. Leaving production process to the robotics and all the industries work as internet of things. It’s also seems like revolution right?

The turnpoints that we count is all about connection, team spirit and efficiency. So they all connected to each other. And as a result we can clearly say that both Blockchain technology and Industry 4.0 are kind of Sharing Economy!

what is shared economy simple and short explaination

Now Imagine: Industry 4.0 would produce as a self-driving car that satisfying exactly our needs. And  owners of the car share it with us when he/she is not using it. And we pay for all of it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Is it also seems like future to you to?


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