Highest Budget Series of All Times


The TV series are broadcasts that we all have more or less followed, especially when we are at home, in the evenings. However, in recent years, most of us choose not to go out and watch our favourite TV series. The latest productions are beyond borders, costs more than many cinema movies, and have outstanding scenarios.

Highest Budget Series of All Times

I wonder if the most important requirement for encountering such a great TV serie is big money? For example, one of the most legendary TV series of NBC, which have been broadcasted between the years 1994 and 2009, full 15 years, ER’s cost per episode was $ 13 million US Dollars. Is this something to worry about?

Friends or Frasier? Which was your favourite?

What about another NBC classics that had enormous budgets, Frasier and Friends? May be you think, how expensive could be an episode of these sitcoms. Between 1993 and 2004, Frasier, which lasted for 11 seasons, had a cost of $ 5.2 million per episode and Friends had a cost of $ 10 million per episode.

What about recent series like Rome, Lost or Breaking Bad?

In 2001 with his wonderful cast and great visual effects The Band of Brothers took us to the years of the World War II, costed $ 12.5 million US Dollars per episode.

Between 2004 and 2010, almost entire World were funs of the legendary series of ABC, “LOST”, costed $ 4 million US Dollars per episode.

In 2005-2007, Rome was the first to introduce the audience the Roman Empire. The BBC, HBO and Rai Fiction co-production ROME’s cost was $ 9.7 million per episode.

Breaking Bad is a little more modest than the others, but it is still 3 million US dollars per episode.

Another serie that won the admiration of the audience between 2008 and 2013 was Fringe, Fox’s legend, $ 4 million per episode. Without forgetting, the pilot section was around $ 10 million.

In recent years, with the participation of various platforms, the series sector has reached incredible figures. Almost the most mediocre series are now turning their mill with serious money. Here are most recent high budget series;


Period series require high budgets, whether they are high quality or not. In recent years, one of the first things that comes to our minds, when we talk about period series, is the Vikings. This wonderful series is at our list at a cost of $ 4 million per episode.

The House of Cards

House of Cards is a legendary series that connects us with Kevin Spacey’s legendary acting and great scenario.

However, Kevin Spacey will not be in the final season, because of new sex assault allegations. House of Cards, which will not have Spacey in the last season, ranks ninth, with the cost of $ 4.5 million per episode.

house of cards serie budget

Stranger Things

I don’t know if you can join me. So the cost per episode came to me a little odd. Because I expected a higher budget than Stranger Things, a wonderful combination of fear, fantasy and action. The amount? Stranger Things is in our list with $ 6 million per episode.

American Gods

American Gods, one of the best series I’ve seen in recent years. The series inspired the author of the book, Neil Gaiman, just like me. We should be thankful to Starz, who does not refrain from spending a serious figure of $ 7.5 million per episode.

american gods serie budget

Marco Polo

This marvelous series’ scenario is about the time which Marco Polo spent with the Mongol Empire Khan and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan, was canceled after second season.

With this decision, Netflix, which attracts a great reaction from its fans, may not actually be considered guilty.

Because the ratings of the Marco Polo series was not enough for Netflix to finance 9 million dollars budget for an episode.

marco polo serie budget


Westworld is the best science fiction I’ve seen in recent years, but I think we should wait for the second season to say it is legendary. In the first season, we have seen very high quality actors and successful performances. Will this actors and actresses be maintained or changed in the second season? Beyond that, of course we are not send all the praise for the actors, the script or the director? It is difficult to underestimate HBO that spent $ 10 million per episode.

The Crown

And we’re at the top of my list. Maybe not a Game of Thrones, but at least as much as the period series loved by big audiences, The Crown is one of the many expensive productions that made Netflix happy with its ratings. The Crown has earned the title of the most expensive series of recent times at a cost of $ 13 million per episode.

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