Shaken by Data Scandals, Facebook Brings New Regulations to Life


Social media giant Facebook doubled the time required for users to delete their account. The platform also decided to redesign the property of nearby friends.

facebook data scandal

Facebook Faces $1.6 Billion Fine

The world’s leading social media platform Facebook has dark clouds above in the last days .

Finally, a $ 1.6 billion penalty was imposed on the data breach investigation.

In addition, recently reported that 50 million users have been hacked into the account, and this news has been heard all over the world. The social media giants users are very disappointing about latest scandals.

On the other hand, Facebook is preparing to implement some new regulations. First difference  concerns users who want to close their accounts. The waiting duration to shottown an account has been doubled by Facebook. By lengthening the duration time, Facebook believes that users would give up shutting their accounts. Additionally, the second regulation is about nearby friends feature; Facebook has decided to redesign the property of nearby friends.

Account Shotdown Time Lengthened To 30 Days

As known, users who want to close their Facebook account had a waiting time of 14 days. During this time, any information on the servers of users who did not have any access to the platform was automatically deleted. However, the platform lengthened this time from 14 to 30 days.

After data scandals, there was a large increase in the number of users who deleted their account on Facebook. However, the company seems to have started a psychological war. The longer it takes for users to close their accounts, the social media giant thinks they will have more chance of getting back.

Nearby Friends Interface is Redesigned

Another decision taken by the social media giant who does not want to lose users is to increase the interaction. As it is known,  “Nearby Friends” feature is frequently used in Facebook to view the friends who are close to them. The company is redesigning the interface of this feature with its decision.

facebook fined 1 6 billion

In the new interface that is in the testing phase, users will be able to view their friends on the map. This feature will also help Facebook redesign users’ ad profiles. The property, which is currently listed, will be able to display on the map after completion of the testing process.

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