That’s How NSA Will Catch Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto


The World’s, especially secret services’ most curious subject is undoubtedly who is the creator of Bitcoin. It is known that the creator of Bİtcoin uses the name Satoshi Nakamoto as nickname. However, even NSA can not verify that they know the real name of Satoshi Nakamoto. To protect his secret identity, Mr. Nakamoto uses encryption and target confusion methods when he communicates. Despite his all efforts, NSA manage to reveal his real name, with the help of Nakamoto’s own words.

bitcoins creator has been found out

The Words Can Also Reveal the Identity of a Person like fingerprints

With the help of stylometry, it is possible to determine who is the author of some specific article or words. NSA also uses this method to figure out who is Mr. Nakamoto. There are lots of posts and e-mails written by Satoshi Nakamoto. And most of them are accessible to everyone.  NSA has worked on these posts and creates a “constant author model” of Mr. Nakamoto by using this method.

What is Stylometry

Stylometry, is a science that tries to identify the author of an article by focusing on the wording and development of an author’s former work. Simply, by comparing two article or more, and trying to find out similarities, it is possible to understand the author of an article. Recently, stylometry is commonly used in social media to find out any tweet or posting has originally sent by the real account owner, or his or her advisers and assistants.

bitcoins creator catched by nsa

How Did NSA Created a “constant author model” of Mr. Nakamoto?

To create a “constant author model” of Mr. Nakamoto by using stylometry method,  NSA analized Mr. Nakamoto’s postings by dividing them into 5000 words segments. Then, NSA has determined how often, the auther’s 50 most used words used in every 5,000 words segments by the author. Thus creates a pattern for Mr. Nakamoto’s writings. This patterns is a kind of fingerprints that allows NSA to find out any writing tht created by Mr.Nakamoto’s.

Does Anyone Can Find Out Somebody by Using the Stylometry?

Basically, you can easily download some free stylometry programmes from internet and use them. But the most important thing to find out the author of any post, you need a database. If this database covers all the posts send via the internet, it is easy to find out Mr. Nakamoto. But only NSA has such a database.

How the NSA Can Reach All Data?

NSA can reach legally to Google and Yahoo users accounts with a system called PRISM. The system called MUSCULAR, allows NSA to listen to fiber optic cabling that carries data to Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Facebook servers. This system gives the NSA to access trillions of articles written by more than a billion people.

Who did create bitcoin

Is It Worth the Effort to Uncover the Identity of Mr. Nakamoto?

There is not an official statement related to this topic and Mr. Nakamoto from NSA. But the above-mentioned method is highly applicable for NSA to find out the creator of Bitcoin. It is claimed that the former President of the US, Obama orders NSA to find out the real identity of Mr. Nakamoto to understand whether he is a spy of the China or Russia. However, it was found that Mr. Nakamoto did not interfere any illegal actions.


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