The Most Surprising Quick Money Making Ways


With the developing technology and social life, classical methods of monetization are being replaced by different methods. In this article, we have listed the ways of making unimaginable and extraordinary tips to make quick money for you:

Quick Money Making Ways

Nowadays, instead of the classical monetization methods we all know, the number of people who earn money by using different methods is increasing day by day. If you are aware of the possibilities of today’s technology and you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will easily find different ways of making money that many people don’t even think of. For instance, the creator of the toy “slinky” and also the same person who sells “pet rock” the product that are the decorated boxes which contain stones collected from the Street, are spoken with their wealth today.

Here are the interesting ways to make money that you never heard before and never come to your mind:

  1. Open a podcast blog

You may have heard the word podcast before. Even if you are an iPhone user, your phone has a Podcast app in its default applications. Podcasts are audio and video recordings. So instead of reading you can gather information only by listening. Moreover, you do not need to download the broadcast to listen. Because these publications are listened by using the RSS feeds of the websites.

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So, how will you make money with podcasts? Not by listening, of course. You should make your own podcasts, to make money. In fact, the logic is the same as opening a website. In the Podcast, you broadcast by your voice instead of typing, and you can increase your revenue as your audience increases.

  1. Become an Instagram Phenomenon

Instagram is today’s most preferred social network and a new phenomenon emerges almost every day. You might be a little late for that; but if you start with the right move, you can become the shining face of Instagram. How you become a phenomenon is entirely up to you. Instagram can be a good place for you if you have original ideas. But do not think that you can shine by doing things that have been tried before. Originality is the key issue on the edge of becoming an instagram phenomenon.

If you have an active account that posts lots of interesting things on Instagram and you have real followers, you will be contacted by the brands related to your account. But do not forget that you must have real interactions. In other words, everyone knows there are some tricky ways to get boot instagram followers with applications or purchasing. But this is easy to understand for the advertisers. Your fans should be real and you should do your job really well. This is how you can start making money with your Instagram account.

  1. Via Stock Photography

You may have heard that you can earn Money taking photos. But you may not have heard that earning money is possible, if people download the photos that took and uploaded in certain sites. This work, known as Stock Photography, was discovered by Jon Oringer, a well-known figure in Silicon Valley. Discovering such work at 2003 has made him the first billionaire in Silicon Valley. Stock photography that launched in 2003 is very common nowadays. There are many stock photography sites and you can make money by selling the frames you take around here.

How it Works?

When you search the image on the Internet, you’ll see some of the images have text on them. You have to pay a certain fee for these pictures to be unprinted. In this way, both the intermediary site and the owner of the picture earns money. If you are capable of photography, drawing, graphic design, you can make money in this way.

  1. Being a Virtual Assistant

As you know, most of the managers of the big companies always have at least one assistant. On the other hand, there are some managers who do not want to have an assistant within the company, and prefer to use virtual assistants.

Being a Virtual assistant is a freelance job in advance. It existed in recent years and definitely is better than the office assistant. Because you can work from the comfort of your home. In addition, when you want to go out, your mobile device with internet connection is enough to conduct your business.

What virtual assistants do?

Virtual assistants organize the manager’s meetings and daily work via e-mails or phone calls. In short, editing of the files, reminding meetings to the manager, answering calls and e-mails are the Daily issues for virtual assistants.

  1. Leasing with Airbnb

The sharing economy in our day is very popular. Airbnb, one of the finest examples of sharing economy, is a platform to find affordable, rental homes.

If you are renting on the Airbnb platform you may have a good income. You can rent one of the roomsof your house or rent your cottage etc. As people receive services from you, comments and suggestions will begin to come.

We suggest you take a look at Airbnb and see why they’re preferred by browsing through high-score locations. Then decide the place that you want to rent. Then enjoy your money without getting tired.

  1. Make Viral Videos

Today, instead of reading something, we prefer to learn from videos about that subject. In this way, we get a faster and more memorable information. We also enjoy watching a funny video that allows us to relax by opening a video sharing site in coffee breaks. When we are watching the owners of the videos are making money. Don’t think this is an easy job. Preparing, assembling and delivering the videos in an original and remarkable way is not easy. But as a result, you can become a Youtube rich.

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  1. Investing in Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, IOTA or Other Altcoins

There are bunch of ways to invest. Traditional ways, stock Exchange, Bank or government bonds etc. But recent years, after the rising blockchain technology, investing in Bitcoin and other altcoins are a magnificent way to get profits. Especially in altcoins the possible profit margin reaches %100 in a very brief period. Of course the risks are that higher too. And investing in those altcoins or Bitcoin is more risky than investing stock exchanges.

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